Korimat KA 380 Autoclave Sterilizer, 380 liters


KORIMAT KA 380 stainless steel autoclave sterilizer of 380 liters, intended for canning professionals.

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Width890 mm
Weight+ - 450 Kg
Aperture diameter680 mm
Colourstainless steel
Feeding380 three-phase, or Natural Gas, or Fuel Oil
Capacity380 liters
Height2520 mm open, and 1650 closed

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KORIMAT KA 380 Autoclave Sterilizer with 380 liters

Versions: electric, gas heated and oil-fired
KORIMAT = COOKER + PASTEURIZER + SOUS VIDE MACHINE + AUTOCLAVE,  a 4-in-1 appliance in your kitchen!

CE STANDARDS CERTIFIEDin accordance with European Directive  97/23/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 May 1997 on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to pressure equipment.

Construction Certificate No. ATG-22-02-364/2.

Boiler made of stainless steel 18/10 = ALL STAINLESS STEEL
Controlled by MP 4 microprocessor

Multiple control options depending on:
- Boiler temperature
- Cooking time
- Core temperature, by incoporated core catheter (see photo)
- Automatic recording of the F value = Sterilizing value !
- Delta cooking
Safety quick lock with a circulation pump for regular temperature distribution
Outstanding peripheral insulation and therefore energy-efficient
Data logger for recording sterilisation reports, with direct data transmission to PC at the touch of a button.

- Dual valves for added safety
- More compact, more convenient
- Fully faired: easy to clean, cleaner and more beautiful. Easily fits in your lab or kitchen.
- Available in 2 models to choose from, in smooth stainless steel or marbled finish
- User-friendly : all operating elements accessible from the front panel
- Ease of service: all rooms are easy to access
- Smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning
- No overheating of the product to be cooked thanks to adjustable boiler temperature with pressure
- Automatic setting of the sterilizer value (F-value) even during the cooling phase
- Data logger, including for recording a sterilization report.
- Optional casters , for more manoeuvrability and ease of cleaning or moving.
- Hydraulic lid, for ease of opening and closing, the lid is much lighter than on another autoclave sterilizer.

Using a Korimat autoclave in Cooking mode: Ultra practical, it's a 2-in-1 appliance:

- Space-saving in your laboratory
- More modern
- More efficient
- More economical than buying 2 devices
Other benefits include:
- Manufacture of jars of all brands, glass lids or metal caps, tin cans, vacuum trays, etc.
- Ultra-easy connections, clip-on hoses. No need for a plumber, just install the Korimat next to a faucet.
- Very practical and easy-to-use programmer and data logger.
Ability to pre-program 6 programs.
- Modern and convenient data logger that works via infrared with your computer. No more indented discs and nibs, you never need to buy new consumables for your autoclave again. Your data is stored in the data logger and then transmitted directly to your PC, which you can then print out on paper if you wish.

Price: please contact us. Funding Opportunity.


Video Demonstration (in German) of the Korimat Autoclave Sterilizer. The reference! 






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