Weck jars for canned foodYes! Return to the sources!

Well, yes! Back to basics! Home canning, it is the trend!

Cook yourself your own jams, pâtés, potted meat, confit, asparagus, foie gras, fruit in syrup, etc.
Of course, all this by following the rules of hygiene and meeting the basic principles essential to good conservation.
To do this, we offer all the necessary equipment and advice.

Sterilization is a technique intended to eliminate all microbial organisms of a preparation, for example, by bringing it to a high temperature, that is to say 100 °C. It was invented by Nicolas Appert in the end of the Eighteenth Century (canning).

The theoretical explanation was given by Louis Pasteur in the Nineteenth Century.

Do not hesitate to contact us; we will respond maybe by putting in bad light the methods your grandmothers and your mothers used, but ensuring to you a perfect canning for the happiness and delight of all.
Canning, it is economical, ecological and practical!

- Economical, because you make yourself your jars, glasses and cans depending on the products, fruit and vegetables of the season, at your taste, and you can store them for many years without altering the nutritional qualities;
- Ecological: you can reuse almost endlessly your glass jars and the stainless steel hooks (or clips) in the case of the WECK jars. Moreover, glass is a clean material and 100% recyclable! Only the gaskets must be replaced on every sterilization.

It is also:

- saving energy;
- saving space;
- saving money;
- saving time;
- being environment friendly and not to waste any longer.