MCM Emballages exclusively presents the Steril-Food all-stainless steel, all-automatic autoclave sterilizers!
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This new range of incredibly simple and easy-to-use autoclaves is available in 3 sizes: 20 liters single-phase (for tests or very small productions), 80 liters single-phase, and 150 liters (three-phase).

stérilisateurs autoclave steril foodSterilizers Autoclaves Steril Food, all stainless steel, all automatic, capacity 20 liters and 80 liters in single phase. Autoclaves perfectly suited to small and medium-sized productions and small spaces thanks to their small and medium capacities and their very, very small footprint. However, they meet all the expectations of the artisan canner and correspond to all professional standards France and EEC.

Steril Food Autoclave Sterilizer, all stainless steel, all automatic, capacity 20 liters.
Autoclave perfectly suited to small productions and small spaces thanks to its 20 liter capacity and very very small footprint. However, it meets all the expectations of the artisan canner and corresponds to all the professional standards Franc and CEE.

- Sterilization of canned food products
- Suitable for small production trials and artisanal producers
- Stainless steel outer cabinet, cover, bowl and lid
- Back pressure system to prevent box breakage
- Tank water supply with external water connection
- Core probe
- Data logger: time, temperature, and pressure via USB stick

- Device prevents opening when the tank is under pressure
- Safety valve
- Safety pressure switch: disconnects the heater in case of removal
- Thermally insulated lid
- Door closing detector
- Dual Retention Filter

The microprocessor controls the sterilization and cooling process
- Pasteurization and/or sterilization temperature
- Sterilization time
- Cooling temperature
- 10 user-configurable programs
- Parameters – Units – Languages (French, English, Spanish)
- Clock: date/time
- External water: on/off
- Calibration – temperature control probe
- Password

- Rapid water cooling
- High heat treatment efficiency
- Respects the organoleptic quality of the food
- Heat treatment parameters are quick and easy to change
- 10 configurable programs
- Models with built-in compressor

+ Automatic loading and unloading arm:
Small loading and unloading crane for 80 and 150 litre models with adapter for handling stainless steel baskets.
Axial rotation to place baskets in the cart.
Total arm height: 2.4 meters (mounted).
Stainless steel.
Maximum load 50 Kg. Power 230V 300W
Control Panel: On/off + Up/Down button, integrated into a single control.

Exclusive to MCM Emballages !

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