Trainee to any brand of Autoclaves sterilizers


formation professionnelle autoclave toutes marquesNo. of Agreement: 42 67 047556 67, in application of article L. 6352-12 of Labour Code

To who is formation directed?

All professionals (butcher, delicatessen butcher, catering operator, farm holiday operator, canning farm operator, canner artisan, breeder and processor, restaurant operator, etc.), enterprise founders, autoclave operators using an autoclave steriliser (all brands, new or used) needing to learn or improve with the sterilisation of canned food intended for sale to the public.

MCM Emballages accompanies and trains you in the operation of all autoclave steriliser brands:






-   ETC.


Training sessions on 1 full day, lunch included, on our Geispolsheim-Gare (67) site. Please contact us for fixing the session dates.

Objective of training:

- Mastery in closing of containers (tins, glass jars with glass lids or glass caps, trays, etc.);

- Mastery in the operation of the autoclave in view of the production of canned food intended for sale to the public.


- glass and/or canned packaging;

- techniques and control of closing;

- use of the "vacuum" Autoclave function (only on KORIMAT);

- principle of heat treatment, heat exchange, concept of pressure, backpressure;

- operation of autoclave in the water stage;

- work with the defined scales and/or with the sterilising value;

- safety rules;

- hygiene rules.


- in-depth of the theoretical contributions;

- practical exercises with carrying out of a complete cycle with products developed by the trainee;

- analysis of its practice.

Course leader: Mr. Ali El Jarroudi, Autoclaves Sector Manager.

When purchasing a Korimat steriliser autoclave at MCM Emballages, commissioning of the autoclave and training is made directly in your site. 


N.B.: The installation of the autoclave (any plumbing and/or electrical work must be carried out by approved professionals and NOT by MCM Emballages).


Possibility of taking over by your DIF Organisation: Price of the course: 1,500.00 €, Tax Excluded (hot and cold drinks and lunch included).