That's right! Back to basics! Homemade preserves are trendy!

stérilisation domestique weck

Concoct your own jams, pâtés, rillettes, confits, asparagus, foie gras, fruit in syrup.
All this, of course, in accordance with hygienic rules and following the basic principles essential for good conservation.
To do this, we offer you all the necessary equipment and advice.
Sterilization is a technique designed to remove any microbial germs from a preparation, for example, by bringing it to a high temperature, i.e. 100°C. It was invented by Nicolas Appert at the end of the eighteenth century (appertisation).

The theoretical explanation was provided by Louis Pasteur in the nineteenth century.

Do not hesitate to contact us; We will respond by perhaps undermining the way of your grandmothers and mothers but by ensuring that you have a perfect preserve for the happiness and delight of all.

Canning is economical, ecological and practical!!

- economical because you make your own jars, verrines and preserves according to the products, fruits and vegetables, of the season, to your taste, and you can keep them for several years without altering their nutritional qualities;
- eco-friendly: you can reuse your glass jars almost infinitely, as well as the stainless steel hooks (or clips) in the case of WECK jars. In addition, glass is a clean and 100% recyclable material! Only the seals need to be changed at each sterilization.

It's also:
- Save energy.
- Save space
- Save money.
- Save time.
- Respect the environment and stop wasting

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