Korimat 240 litre fully automatic autoclave steriliser KA 240


Boiler capacity: 240 liters, with fully automatic control.
steam, sterilize, mature, simmer, cook...

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Width1250 mm
Weightapprox. 350 kg
Aperture diameter+ - 680 mm
Colourstainless steel
Feeding380 three-phase, or Natural Gas, or Fuel Oil
Capacity240 liters
HeightLid open: 2160 mm, lid closed: 1300 mm

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Fully stainless appliance:

Secure quick-release closure

Outstanding peripheral insulation
and therefore energy-efficient

Optional: Circulation pump for distribution
regular temperature (recommended for
Fully automatic control)

with program memory

Multiple control options depending on:
- Boiler temperature
- Cooking time
- Pre-selected time
- core temperature
- F-value
- Delta cooking

Optional: Fully automatic cooking process control

The KORIMAT autoclave and boiler - now with
New Cooking Process Control
The KORIMAT is a universal appliance in which the cooking product can be cooked,
Steam-prepared or sterilized under conditions of overpressure, underpressure (vacuum
) or lack of pressure.
For 60 years, KORIMAT has been successfully used in butcher shops and kitchens
and is now making its way into the food industry,
restaurants with their own label, popular canteens and so-called experimental kitchens,
independent agricultural producers and market suppliers.
For optimal results, the user's experience and know-how were up to
because the latter had to carry out the manual and timely
Corresponding temperature and pressure control settings. Henceforth
A brand new, fully automated process control system takes care of the
regulation of all cooking phases and thus guarantees the assurance of a success that can be renewed at will.

The entire cooking process is carried out in a very precise and fully automatic manner.
The user does not intervene again until the end of the process - he is then prompted by a
beep to discharge the device.

High quality for small loads

With the new order, we are meeting the expectations of many customers. In particular, companies that want to consistently produce the highest quality will find an ideal partner in KORIMAT. Thanks to the new control, many tried-and-tested cooking programs are now available. In addition, details

Extremely precise production systems can be developed individually, consigned
accurately, edited, and reproducibly recorded.

The wide variety of packaging systems is now available

The highly precisely controlled pressure control allows – beyond the
Usual boxes and jars - processing of soft packages, convenience products,
hard shells, tubes and many others. To this end, the user has access to numerous pre-installed cooking programs, can individualize them by modifying the various parameters and thus optimize his processes autonomously.
A protocol is established for each cooking through the order; This protocol can be
Contactless reading and evaluation through a smart card as well as recording for control
for internal quality and for the further development of the product. It goes without saying that the specified temperatures of the product are measured through a probe to be pricked into the heart of the
individual product.

60 years of corporate experience

We don't just deliver our KORIMAT devices. We support the implementation of the
service, training of operating personnel, give valuable advice, recall the
We make legally prescribed inspection appointments and carry out repair and maintenance work.

And: we listen carefully to our customers when they talk about their production,
experiences and their projects! The discoveries and knowledge acquired through the many
is fully integrated into the development of the new cooking process control and is now available to every

KORIMAT - the value-added autoclave
Compared to a mechanically loaded industrial autoclave, a decisive difference is
Always welcome. A KORIMAT is also a boiler of excellent quality
in which a product can always be produced that will contribute to completing the palette
products that already exist.






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