Liste des produits du fournisseur Spice Ratchet Mills


I’m Kelly Dyer, founder of Spice Ratchet Mills LLC and I’d personally like to welcome you to our website!

Prior to founding Spice Ratchet Mills, as a busy mother, I was always looking at potential kitchen products and asking myself, “how can I make this better? What gadgets are missing that would make my life easier? What products exist but need improvement? (Just think . . . a cheese grater that doesn’t scrape your knuckles!)”

It was finding answers to those questions that inspired me to found Spice Ratchet Mills. We started in 2007 with two spice mills. These grinders featured high-performance ceramic mechanisms; a vast improvement on other grinders on the market at the time.

In 2010 that we expanded our product portfolio with the versatile Blossom silicon trivet. Blossom is now our most awarded, best selling product, receiving national attention multiple times. With uses that extend far beyond the kitchen, it’s an amazing product that just never gets old! We invite you to watch our Blossom videos for creative ideas on how you can combine and repurpose these exciting products. They absolutely turn your table-top into a creative entertainment thing of beauty.

Over the years, as the business grew, my oldest daughter Josephine Dyer, joined me here at Spice Ratchet and you will see that she is now our product spokesperson. I might be a bit bias, but she is not only a wonderful person to work with but Josephine also has great business savvy and is a true asset to Spice Ratchet. I hope you enjoy getting to know her in the videos featured on this site.

Today, we remain headquartered in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska. Harold Import Company has distributed our products since 2007 and our products can be found on and throughout many high-end kitchen stores throughout the US.

As a final note, I want you to know that althought we design and distribute our products in the U.S, we also have a strong familial partnership with our Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers, ensuring high quality products and an effective cost model. Our product quality is always a priority as is your safety and health.

We hope you enjoy our products, and if you have ideas, suggestions, or feedback, don’t hesitate to connect with us…. Your input is always welcome here at Spice Ratchet Mills, LLC.

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