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1. Purchase conditions:

When you purchase jars on the MCM Emballages website, the price includes always the body of the jarl + the lid + the gasket (for the WECK jars).

ATTENTION: The jars with standard capsulesare sold Capsules Included, while the jars with DEEP capsules are sold WITHOUT the capsule. These must therefore be purchased separately. The DEEP capsules are sold separately in page "Twist-Off capsules". 

For the WECK jars, the stainless steel WECK clips are ALWAYS sold as a supplement because they are in stainless steel and are reusable for a great number of sterilisations, contrary to gaskets which must be replaced on every sterilisation. The stainless steel WECK clips are NEVER supplied as standard with the jars. Only the gaskets and the lids are. Supplementary gaskets are also available at sale by lot. 

The prices shown on trader websites or or are always given as All Taxes Included. The taxes mentioned on the website correspond to VAT, included in the shown prices. 

Photographs are not contractual. 


2. Guarantee:


The products sold on this site benefit of a 1-year manufacturer guarantee upon submission of the invoice. The guarantee applies only in the event of non compliance of the method of use or the user’s recommendations of the devices and/or sold goods, or in the event of failure due to improper or irregular use of the devices and/or sold goods.

In the event of non compliance of a product, we are committed to grant a replacement, a credit note, or a refund. The defective material will then be sent back to us for analysis, and a possible return to the manufacturer. If it proves to be defective, the costs will be then integrally at the charge of the seller.

In the event of breakage, it will be useless to return to us the goods; a photograph of the broken goods will be simply required.  


3. Breakage at DELIVERY:

In the event of breakage observed at DELIVERY,make detailed reservations on the transfer receipt and send the said transfer receipt within 3 days for a replacement.Without reservationsmade bythe purchaserat the time ofdelivery,it is impossible forMCMEmballagesto honour the Insurance, and hencewe can not make a credit note,any replacement orrefundon the damagedgoods.
It is the responsibility of the purchaser to check inthe presenceof the deliverer the state of the delivered goods.


MCM Emballages indicates in its conditions of sale that the purchaser undertakes to make sure of the absence of abnormality (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged package, broken object) at receipt of the package before the deliverer. Use the delivery note of the carrier indicating in the form of explicit, dated, detailed "handwritten reservations", and accompanied by your signature, the observed spoliation. If you choose to reject the goods on delivery, you must in addition to the "handwritten reservations" ask the carrier to return the package to the sender.

This check is required in the interest of the client so that he can receive compensation in the event of breakage due to transport.



4. Web Documents available on this website: 

The documents which are available and can be collected from this website are owned by M.C.M. Emballages. They can be viewed or printed only for personal use and cannot in any whatsoever manner be reproduced (in part or as a whole), altered, transmitted or used for commercial purposes without the written authorisation of the above mentioned Company.

5. Links towards other websites:

This website can carry links relating to other websites. The linked websites are not under the control of M.C.M. Emballages which, consequently, is not liable of their contents.

6. Personal data:

MCM Emballages asks you to provide some of your personal data such as you name and coordinates, e-mail or telephone number to enable us to carry out the delivery and follow up of your purchases on line. These data are in NO CASE resold or retransmitted to other persons or bodies foreign to the MCM Emballages or to members of its personnel who process these data. For more information in this subject do not hesitate to consult us at

7. Methods of payment:

It is possible for you to settle payment through purchasing from our website by PAYPAL, cheque, credit card or by Bank transfer. The coordinates for the Bank transfer are indicated at the moment when you chose this method of payment upon closing your purchasing basket. In the event of settlement by cheque, kindly specify to us your order number at the back of the cheque.

Payments by credit card are secure.


Payment by cash on delivery:

It is also possible to settle by Cash on delivery (For France only), if you so wish ; it is enough to check the box "cheque", and then transmit to us an e-mail message explaining that your settlement will be handed over to the deliverer/carrier by Cash on delivery at the time of delivering the package.
Payment on delivery generates extra costs.
Thank you to contact us for more information. 


8. Shipping and handling:


The shipping and handling costsarefixed according toa scale fixed bythe carrier Companieswith whichMCM Emballagesis bound bycontract.MCM Emballagesapplies noextra costfor packagingor handling.In the case oflarge,very fragile, ormore than 20kg parcels,thedeliverymustbe done byroad transport. It is up to MCM Emballages to opt for the most suitable transport solution according to the type of order, or the weight of the package so that the goods arrive in good condition and this for the same price regardless of the delivery method chosen by the client and in the interest of the latter.

Theinternationalshipping and handling costsare subject to thesame rules:

In the eventof ashipment by carrier,the price ofshipment and handling iscalculated according to aweight/distance ratio.Therefore, MCM Emballages appliesa rate which isa national average lump sum inweight.

Whenplacing the order, it is possiblethat you choose amethod of transport,andthat for the reasons mentionedabovethis method oftransportis notacceptable byMCM Emballages.MCM Emballagesis notrequired to informthe client,asfar asthe goodsreach theclientin the best possible conditions.
Expenses of 2.50  H.T., included in the shippingcosts, are automatically invoices for recyclingand processing the waste (glass, paperboard,etc).  


9. Time for PROCESSING of the orders:

The average time for processing of the orderis 48 working hoursafter receivingfullpayment of the order. This time is necessaryfor preparingyour order.

Byprocessing the order, itmust be intended:preparing theorder,informatics and manualprocessing of the order,manual editingof a deliverynote andof an invoice,checking oftheavailability of the ordered goodsin stock.This time is an average,intended to givean idea, nota guarantee.Accordingto the availability of the goods orthe number of the order,this time maynaturallybeextended.

In case of an urgentorder, kindlycontact us by e-mail at or by telephone at telephone mcm emballagesto inform us about the urgent character of yourorder. We will then do the necessary forthe fastest possible delivery. 

10. Time for DELIVERY:

Ifby Colissimo Co:Variable2 to 10 working days, after receipt of settlement of the order and of the time of processing (namely about 48 hours).

Ifbycarrier:variable according to thegeographical areaofdelivery, times are variable,from a minimum of 5workingdays to about 15 working days(Departure from Geispolsheim,in67).CorsicaandmountainousDepartments orlocationsdifficultto be reached bycarriersmay takea longer time.

These times are in addition to the times needed for processing the order.

We remind that Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are not working days.

N.B.: MCM Emballages cannot in any way be held liable in case of any extensions of these times following a strike by the POST OFFICE, of road transport, or any other case of force majeure (strikes, demonstrations, bad weather, accidents, etc.).

MCM Emballages cannot in any way be held liable for the delays in delivery due to the client's refusal to provide a telephone number that could be transmitted to the deliverer, or non compliance with the fixed appointments between the deliverers and the clients, or even lack of communication of the digital code or code of the building’s door.

Moreover, if the client indicates a delivery address where it is impossible to deliver during working hours (9.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00 from Monday to Friday) or where the client is absent systematically during these hours, the costs of redelivery will be invoiced to the client. MCM Emballages cannot in any way be held liable for impossibilities of deliveries in these very cases and will invoice the new delivery to the client
Likewise, in the event of no reply by the client to the notices of passage, vocal messages, or SMS sent by Colissimo Co, or any other carrier, return costs and possible shipping costs of the package will be invoiced. MCM Emballages
cannot in any way be held liable, and does not accept in any case to take at its charge return costs and possible shipping costs of goods in these specific cases.


NB: Designations and brands Corolle, Tube, Fête, Bonbone and Flacon, are registered trademarks (INPI) and strictly belong to the company MCM Emballages. 
Any use non - authorized these of these terms and designation of article by the company MCM Emballages, is punished by the law and liable to a fine of 300,000  and three years of imprisonment.


The on line purchaser, just like all VPC consumers, has a right of withdrawal of 14 days starting from the day after having come into possession of the goods or having accepted the offer for the performance of a service, without justification, nor payment of penalties on his part. 

However, he is liable of the return of the merchandise.  Only the orginal invoice will be refound, the costs of shipping, handling and return remain at the charge of the client. 

This right of withdrawal applies also to products on sales, bargain or in destocking.


The seller is committed to take back the goods in the event that the delivery is not in compliance with the order, or is defective.

The consumer must ship it back in its original packaging, by indicating on the delivery note or on the invoice the reason of refusal the costs being at the seller’s charge, and he may require:

  • a new delivery meeting the order,
  • repair of the defective product,
  • replacement of the product with another similar, or
  • cancellation of the order with refunding of the paid amounts.  



13. Closing down and annual leave:

MCM Emballagesclosesonly once inayear:between Christmasand New Year.During this period,shipmentscannot be made andorders placedduring thesedateswill not be processeduntil the returnfrom this period ofannual leave..


14. Purchase and on the spot withdrawal:

Itis possible for youtoaccess ourshowroom,purchase and withdraw the goods directlyon the spotat No. 12, rue Forlen, Geispolsheim - 67118 - Alsace, FRANCE

Nevertheless, MCM Emballages is a Company and not a retail shop, we therefore kindly ask you before coming to agree on an appointment by telephone at: téléphone mcm emballages