KORIMAT Autoclave Steriliser


Sles stérilisateurs autoclaves multifonctions tout inox Korimat

KORIMAT - 40 years of experience: the all stainless steel multifunction autoclave and cooker sterilisers

The KORIMAT Company proposes for 40 years now a MULTIPURPOSE autoclave device that has become essential for professionals such as butchers, delicatessen butchers, catering operators, restaurant operators, farm canners, etc.

This Company’s reputati

on for seriousness, toughness and reliability makes it the No. 1 supplier of equipment for quick c

The KORIMAT Company has adapted to modern methods of conducting autoclaves and now offers loggings via a computer and an USB key.ooking and preserving, intended for the artisanal and semi-industrial sector in Germany and Northern Europe.