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Stérilisation domestiqueThe preserve, it is economic and ecological and practical!!!
- economic because you do yourselves your jars, glass casings and preserves according to the products, fruit and vegetables, of seasons, with your taste, and you can preserve them during several years without deteriorating nutritional qualities of them;
- ecological: you can practically ad infinitum re-use your jars out of glass, as well as the hooks (or clips) out of stainless in the case as of jars WECK. Moreover, glass is a clean material and 100% which can be recycled! Only the joints must be changed with each sterilization. 


  • Sterilizers and...

    stérilisateurs ménagers weck

    Perfect to carry out to you even your preserves, your jams, your land, your pies, your rillettes, your soups, your fruit juices, and sauces… , all your preserves homemade!

  • Cooking and recipe...

    Livre Weck de la stérilisationWeck glass jars recipes books !


    kit de démarrage weckComplete starting kits WECK to make your home made canning jars like a chef!

Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items
Showing 1 - 17 of 17 items