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Juice extractor WECK® WSG20 foa making your fresh fruits and vegetables juices

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Juice extractor and plastic fruit basket top quality (food PVC). The juice extractor is placed on the top of the sterilizer.

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  • Juice extractor and plastic fruit basket top quality (food PVC). The juice extractor is placed on the top of the sterilizer.

    * the plastic fruit shopping cart (food PVC top quality),
    * with pipe
    * is appropriate for all the containers of 35 cm diameter
    The lid is not provides (is used with the lid of your sterilizer Weck habiutuel).

    Color black and white.

    The extraction of the vegetable juices,

    Just like the fruit juices, the juices of vegetables contain nutritive elements, invaluable vitamins and rock salt and exert consequently a salutary action. The vegetable juices can be drunk, but they are also appropriate very well to season and enrich soups and sauces.
    Each new year gives the opportunity to many households to constitute healthy and natural juice reserves. And it is much easier to make than it is believed! Just like for the marmalade, the operation proceeds in two stages: firstly, to extract the juice; secondly, to preserve the juice.
    If you use ripe and sweetened fruits, it is useless to add sugar. After the first cooking, the juice is completely sterilized while having preserved its food values like rock salt, the vitamins and its taste.
    This process of most practical enables you, especially if somebody lends to you strong hand during the filling and of closing rapids of the jars, to make in one afternoon more than one hundred jars containing the very healthy and nutritive juice of apples, grapes, etc In short, of preserves of very first quality, really without similar!

    How does the juice extractor function with vapor WECK®?

    In the sterilizer, water is brought to boiling. The vapor thus released goes up by the conduit to vapor of the juice tank. This vapor creates a pressure under the fruit container, penetrates then by the bored bottom of small holes to reach the fruits (vegetables, grass). The steam pressure is such as the juice runs out of the pressed fruits, passes by the filtered bottom of the container to fruits to fall into the tank to juice and to accumulate there. All the germs and bacteria contained in the fruits and the juice are killed by the vapor.

    Thanks to the conduit with vapor and the excellent calorific insulation of the device, almost integral part of the sterilizer, the process of extraction is accelerated so much that the juice keeps all its flavour, its food value and its vitamines.du juice with the extractor with vapor WECK.

    During last decades, the juice extractors with vapor did not cease being the object of various improvements. The latest is a discovery of the firm WECK® which simplifies the device: more than two components easy to place in automatic sterilizer WECK®. The time of extraction is less, the output is higher and the better quality of the juice.

    The juice extractor WECK®

    The juice extractor with vapor is indicated perfectly for an extraction fast and successful in sterilizers WECK®.
    The device is composed of two parts:
    1) juice tank
    2) fruit container

    Of practical format, easy to wash, easy to use, out of very resistant and food, supporting the heat and acidity of the fruits, perfectly neutral plastic as for the tastes and the odors. The antiacid layer of enamel excludes any colouring from the juice and does not transmit any metal taste. If you place only the container at fruits in the sterilizer, you then have a casserole with very roomy vapor for potatoes or vegetables.

    Width 32 cm
    Weight 3 kg
    Diameter 32 cm
    Color Blanc

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